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Does your pillow feel like this? When it should feel like this?

100% Babydoll Southdown Wool Filled Bed Pillows

Give the gift of a perfect slumber. A pillow filled with wool lovingly grown by the Babydoll Southdown sheep from Bergamascos' Babydoll Brigade farm is a gift to yourself you deserve. A loved one, a friend, anyone would appreciate one.

We are now making and selling bed pillows filled with 100% Babydoll Southdown wool.

Wool regulates body temperature no matter what the season. It's not just for winter! Even during a warm night, because of its natural moisture-wicking properties, wool keeps you cooler.

Wool bedding provides a perfect temperature-controlled sleeping environment.

My granddaughter loves my pillow and even requested one for herself.

Wool is:

  • animal-friendly. Sheep are not killed during the harvesting of their wool known as shearing.
  • naturally fire retardant. Wool will not ignite because wool fibers do not support combustion.
  • naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.
  • mold and mildew resistant and inhibits dust mites. Did you know 10% of the weight of a two-year-old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings and up to 16 species of fungi may be found in a single pillow? Yuk!
  • soft. My 100% Babydoll Southdown wool fill is soft and has down-like loft.

And how does wool keep you cooler?

Wool fibers create air pockets of a dry layer next to your skin. These hold heat when its cool and cool your body when its warm. Wool helps with evaporation of the moisture your body creates while you sleep. When you're using one of my pillows, you should toss and turn less and sleep more soundly because you'll have deeper REM sleep. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight without feeling damp or clammy. That's going to go a long way in taking care of the nearly pint of water vapor one gives off while they sleep.

Of course, I made a pillow for my husband and myself to try before offering them to the public.  Since using my pillow, I stir as many times during the night and I really do feel rejuvenated in the morning. I also don't wake up in the morning feeling stuffed up or have goopy eyes. And best of all, my husband doesn't seem to be snoring as much since using his pillow! Your results may vary.

The wool used to fill your pillow comes from my flock of sheep or sheep I've bred. After the sheep are sheared, I complete every step of the cleaning process on my farm, in a smoke free environment. All of the wool in your pillow has been handled by me and meets my quality expectations. The covers for your pillows are high quality, 100% cotton. I've inserted a short zipper in the pillow cover so fill can be added (available to order), or removed as needed to make your pillow comfortable for you.

Quantities are limited! Don't miss out!

I currently have twenty sheep who work hard to grow their fleeces for your pillows. Depending upon the size of the pillow ordered, it can take anywhere from two to four of my Babydolls' fleeces to fill your pillow.

Prices include shipping per pillow by USPS to US zip codes, US territories, and APO/FPO addresses.
Standard - $74.99
Queen - $124.99
Additional Wool Fill (per ounce) - $3.50

To place your order for a pillow:

Decide on the size you would like - standard (20 X 26 inches) or queen (20 X 30 inches).

Decide on the pattern of the cover for your fill by choosing a letter and a color. Note: Not all patterns are available in all colors. Each color, in each pattern, is listed under the letter.


Blue, Pink, or White


Blue, Pink, or Yellow

Blue or Pink

Pay with PayPal
Select Your Size & Color

Pillow care:
  • Dry cleaning is not recommended because of the chemicals used.
  • Do not wash in your washing machine or put into your clothes dryer.
  • Do put out in the sun regularly. The sun and heat will naturally revitalize and disinfect your pillow.
  • Because I have added a zipper to the cover, the fill can be removed and the cover washed as needed.