Flock is enrolled in the voluntary Scrapie Free Certification Program (SFCP) - Export Category - Enrolled: 2012-10-30
A health tested/healthy flock. No OPP, no Johne's, no Soremouth (orf), no CL, no hoof issues.

Reservation & Contract Form

It's not too early to make your 2021 reservations/deposits.  Breeding pairs have been decided.

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Dezi & Malcolm, wethers (castrated ram) are available to new families.

Telltale Signs
Do you notice the pink around the eyes and the wrinkles on the top of Randy's nose? Both are signs he is ready for breeding season. Cool, huh?  You may also notice their noses may broaden and look thicker. Their foreheads may also swell slightly and/or wrinkle up. All of these changes in your ram's head is to protect them from the ramming they will ultimately do with other rams during rut. These changes go away by spring.
from:  reading on the Internet.