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FLEECE - RAW > Fleece / Raw Grown 03/2017 to 03/2018

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GENERAL INFO ABOUT MY RAW FLEECES. The photos above are examples of my scoured fleece, a batt, some roving, a raw fleece, and some wool.

You will be purchasing a fleece the Babydolls grew from March 2017 to March 2018. I only have off-white RAW fleeces for sale and only my best fleeces are available for sale. Most of my raw fleeces are in the 70 to 90 ounce range. When I ship a raw fleece, I've picked the poop/pee sections off and any other nasty stuff and picked out the large VM and any second cuts. I lightly skirt the edges leaving the majority of the fleece so the buyer can decide what they want to use and what they don't want to use as many folks like to use the fleece they don't want to process for their gardens or find other uses for it.

My sheep are not coated and are on pasture 365 days a year. They are fed hay during breeding and during the winter. I do make an effort to not have the majority of the hay wind up on their backs while feeding; however, there will be a bit of VM in their fleeces. I do the majority of my own processing of fleeces for my business and I don't like to pick out VM anymore than the next person does. Dirt comes out, VM not so easily. Wool length is normally anywhere from 1.5" to 3.5" inches.

If you would like to view my sheeps' 2014 & 2016 wool analysis results, use this link. Then click on any of the sheeps' photos to be taken to their page. The wool analysis is near the bottom left.
More info about wool and the Babydoll's wool and here.


Please bear in mind the photo May Be Slightly Different from the actual item in terms of Color due to the lighting during the photo shooting or the monitor's display.

Bergamascos' Babydoll Brigade farm is a smoke free environment.

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