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Shoppe Catalog

Shown are examples of my work.

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Lovely Layla

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Fantastic Fuji

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Toffee

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Black sheep

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Granny Smith Off-white

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Toffee

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Carmen

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Layla in Singles

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Jammin' Jerime

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Winden

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Fuji

Handspun Yarn, Natural Color - Layla

Yarn, Dyed - Rainbow Swirl Lollipop (Custom Order)

Handspun Yarn, Includes Dye - Kalin in Pastels

Handspun Yarn, Includes Dye - Toffee & Chartreuse Blend

Handspun Yarn, Includes Dye - Chartreuse

Yarn, Dyed - Azurite-Malachite Beauty

Handspun Yarn, Includes Dye - Raspberry & Lime Sherbert

Handspun Yarn, Includes Dye - Purple

Yarn, Dyed - Rainbow Swirl Lollipop

Socks / Handmade / Orange, Pink, Yellow

Socks / Handmade / Purple w/ Blue & Gray

Socks / Handmade / Natural

Socks / Handmade / Natural w/ Burgandy, Salmon, & Lime

Socks / Hand Knit / Purple

Socks / Handmade / Blue & Orange (Custom Order)

Socks/ Handmade / Natural Booties (Custom Order)

Socks / Handmade / Greens

Socks / Handmade / Brown w/ Turquoise

Socks / Handmade / Natural Dark Brown

Woven with Handspun Scarf

Woven Lace Scarf

Roving - Sheep A

Roving - Sheep E

Roving - Sheep B

Clun Forest

Roving - Sheep C

Roving - Sheep D

Roving, Dyed & Natural

Rolag, Dyed - Tinkerbell in Twilight

Quilt - "Power of 4"

Note Cards - pkg. of 8 unique photos

Houston, We Have a Hat!

Faith & Friend hat

Violaceous Theo hat

Rings of Fuji - Watch Cap

Dolly & Friends Hat

Pickerill Pack hat - Bergamasco Sheepdog Chiengora (Custom Order)

An Itty Bitty Bit of Dolly Hat

Versatile Unisex Hat - Red/Brown

Hat, Multi-colored stripes

Hat, Braided Layla

Hoodie, Includes Dyed Yarn

Hat / Scarf Set, Beacon in Turquoise

Off-white hat/scarf set

Scoured - Lilly's Fleece - Scoured

Fleece / Scoured - Cato

Fleece / Scoured - Haven

Scoured - Marylou's Fleece - Scoured

Coil Basket, Blue and Green (Custom Order)

Coil Basket, purple / gray

Coil Basket w/ Dryer Balls (turquoise)

Coil Basket w/ Dryer Balls (pink)

Batts - Large

Batts - w/DYE - Carmen's Kaleidoscope

Batt, Landscape of Brown

Batts made with Haven's fleece

Afghan - Woven

Afghan - Woven

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