Flock is enrolled in the voluntary Scrapie Free Certification Program (SFCP) - Export Category - Enrolled: 2012-10-30
Flock is OPP negative.
Flock is Johne's negative.
Never had a sheep with CL.
Never had a sheep with soremouth (orf).

Reservation & Contract Form

 Proven Ram - Mac is for sale.  Click on his photo for more information.

Our 2019 lambs have all arrived.  The breeding pairs used can be seen here. Photos of the lambs and the flock are posted on facebook just about every day.

Make your reservations soon and if we sell out of this year's lambs, it's never too early to reserve for next year.

Roving is being processed on a continual basis from our 2018 shearing and our 2019 shearing. Contact me and/or check out the Shoppe for roving, yarn, and handmade items.

Dorsel Recumbency - Something a shepherd/ess needs to be watchful for.

dorsel_recumbency1.jpg dorsel_recumbency2.jpg dorsel_recumbency3.jpg

Once a sheep rolls past that crucial 90 degree point where they cannot get their feet on the ground to help right themselves, they usually cannot roll back over. Death can occur between five to thirty minutes. This is the second time I've found one of my sheep in this situation. Dolly must have slipped in the mud coming out of the barn and got stuck. Luckily, I noticed the other sheep staring at the barn door causing me to wonder what was up and I went out to see for myself and found her. She did stumble around a bit and it took her a good thirty minutes or so to start acting like herself. In the images above, Beacon managed to get herself turned over. Here's a good link to read more about Dorsal Recumbancy http://kinne.net/dorsrec.htm