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A health tested/healthy flock. No OPP, no Johne's, no Soremouth (orf), no CL, no hoof issues.

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Babydoll Wagon

I have discovered that I am a terrific shepherdess; however, I lack one important skill, I am unable to coerce a single sheep (meaning one) away from the flock and move them from one place to another without help. I have to admit, if I would train them to walk on a halter the task would be much easier.

I would like to share what I have come up with to help me with my shortcoming.

Items needed:

And the most important item

This is still a two-person job unless one designs a ramp system the sheep will use. Put the dog crate in the garden cart. Roll the cart to where the sheep is, catch the sheep, lift the sheep into the dog crate, and then take the sheep to where you want it to be, open the door of the dog crate and the sheep will normally jump right out. The dog crate fits very nicely in the bed of our Toyota Tundra with the camper shell on too.

We can put two of the crates in the truck, one in front of the other, if we are traveling to pick up a load of sheep. This way, we can keep the rams separate from the ewes or keep the lambs separate from the older sheep.

When I have to take a Babydoll to the vet, I load them in the back of the pickup and drive to the veterinary office. My wonderful, accommodating vet comes outside to the truck to do his initial screening, and sometimes the entire visit is completed at the tailgate depending upon which procedure needs to be performed.

crate in truck bed with camper on - 1 crate in truck bed with camper on - 2 crate with sheep - 1 crate with sheep - 2
hunky farmboy moving sheep moving sheep with dog crate inside of garden cart