Flock is enrolled in the voluntary Scrapie Free Certification Program (SFCP) - Export Category - Enrolled: 2012-10-30
A health tested/healthy flock. No OPP, no Johne's, no Soremouth (orf), no CL, no hoof issues.

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Welcome! We are located in northern Scott County, Kentucky, 5 miles off of I-75.

I know, you're saying to yourself, "What the heck kinda name is that?"

When my husband and I moved from Frankfort, KY, to our farm in the country, we had four Bergamasco Sheepdogs and named our fifteen acre farm partly for them, calling it the Bergamasco Brigade Farm. The word brigade, I know, is not a word normally used in a farm name; but, my husband is retired from the United States Army, so it was a reference to his career. Our second summer here, our tractor quit running and we spent many hours every day pushing a lawn mower trying desperately to keep up with the fast growing grass. A friend suggested we get sheep...so after a bit of contemplation and research, I said to myself, "Sounds like a plan." Initially, I was just going to get the sheep to mow the grass, but quickly decided I would turn it into a business since I prefer to work for myself and from home. I had to come up with a name for my business, so with inspiration from our original farm name and a reference to the breed of sheep I chose, I changed the name of the farm to Bergamascos' Babydoll Brigade and my business became Bergamascos' Babydoll Brigade, LLC.

My husband and I spent much of December 2011 getting ready for the arrival of the first sheep. So, a suggestion in June became a reality in January when I picked up the first six of my original foundation flock from a breeder in Wisconsin. A mature ewe (bred and expecting), three yearling ewes, a yearling ram, and a wether to keep the ram company. At the end of February, I found someone in Michigan who was selling their small flock of a mature ram, three mature ewes, a yearling ewe and two newborn lambs, both ewes. So, I added more to my flock. In addition to these, I added two rams and four ewes to my flock when they were weaned in May. In July, I added another ram and an ewe to my flock. Since that first year, the flock has changed. It's July 2019 - I currently have ive rams and seventeen ewes. The past couple of years, I've kept several of my spring lambs myself. I wanted to start working on having members of my flock with several generations of off-white behind them.

Having Babydolls is so much fun! Like the NABSSAR's motto states, "I start my day with a smile". One of the first things I do each morning is go outside and say hello to the boys -- Eldon and Shaun; as well as all of the girls -- Beacon, Beachy, Sophie, Truleigh, Molly, Daisy, Ashling, JaeJae, Charlotte, Carlisle, Brading, Daphne, Linley, Kristin, Chailey, and Harleigh. I find myself looking out my windows several times a day and sitting outside just to watch them as they meander the hills and valleys of my small piece of tranquility in Stamping Ground, KY.

If you would like to "watch" with me, be sure and like my facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/babydollsouthdownsheepforsale - I take photos on an almost daily basis of my flock and farm and post them to the page.