Flock is enrolled in the voluntary Scrapie Free Certification Program (SFCP) - Export Category - Enrolled: 2012-10-30
A health tested/healthy flock. No OPP, no Johne's, no Soremouth (orf), no CL, no hoof issues.

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Sex: Ewe
Color: Off-white
DOB: 17 March 2014
Type of Birth: Twin
OEBR: 15349
NABSSAR: 12979
Codon 171: RR
Johne's: Negative
OPP: Negative
OPP Susceptibility (TMEM154): pending
My Pedigree

Bergamascos' Ashling

Babydoll Southdown Sheep

In 2014, Ashling moved to Georgia with Selsey & River joining Burgess. He moved there in 2013. In 2017, she moved back to our farm.

Bergamascos' Ashling


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2018 Wool Analysis

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Lambing Record While a Member of My Flock

2016 ewe - Goodrich while living in Georgia
2017 arrived on farm on 06 August 2017
2018 Open
2019 Ewes - Annora & Avalon

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